- Already more than 350 applications for the Community Garage
- AvD DRIFT Championship live on the show circuit
- "Ladies Lounge" once again offers platform for the female tuning scene

Hanover, March 19, 2024 - Preparations for the Performance & Style Days, the biggest tuning event of the summer, are in full swing. From July 5 to 7, 2024, the exhibition grounds in Hanover will once again be transformed into a mecca for car and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Europe. The combination of trade fair with exhibitors from the tuning and performance scene, Community Garage and Elite Circle with impressive private vehicles, open-air event and show circuit already attracted over 39,000 motor fans of all ages to the exhibition grounds in Hanover for the second edition.

The application for the Community Garage was a complete success. Tuning enthusiasts can present their tuned private vehicles there on over 20,000 m². According to PS Days project manager Guido Mack, more than 350 applications have already been received after just two weeks of the application phase. "We didn't expect such a rush. This clearly shows us that the community doesn't just want to watch, but actively participate and be part of the event. This gives the PS Days even more spirit this year," says Mack. In order to maintain the quality of the numerous applications at the same level as in previous years, an expert jury chaired by tuning expert Sven Schulz will continue to decide on the best cars. Applications will be accepted until May 31.

A highlight of this year's PS Days is the drift show, which is attracting particular attention due to the growing global interest in drifting. This trend is not only noticeable in Asia, but also in the Scandinavian countries and in Eastern Europe, where drift events have long since become an integral part of professional motorsport. The trend is also clearly noticeable in Germany and is gaining more fans and public interest with every season. The sport is particularly exciting due to its dynamics and high entertainment value for spectators. The fourth competition of the AvD DRIFT Championship will take center stage at the PS Days. Its organizer Martin Montag says: "In recent years, the emerging generational change in motorsport has become increasingly apparent. The 'next generation' is more into action sports than the classic formats."

To promote diversity within the tuning community, PS Days is once again presenting the "Ladies Lounge" this year. This area offers female tuners a platform to demonstrate their passion and skills and to emphasize that enthusiasm for cars is a universal passion. In this context, project manager Guido Mack emphasizes that the organizers of the PS Days are not interested in excluding female tuners from the Community Garage, but rather in giving them their own stage, which makes it clear: "There are more and more of us!"

With the promise of more top-class vehicles, a more action-packed show program and an even larger fan community, PS Days is on the verge of creating the most unforgettable summer weekend of the year.